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Windows ME Dial-Up Instructions

Make New Connection under Dial-Up Networking 

Clock on Start button and then Settings

Select Dial Up Networking

Double Click on Make New Connection, then choose Next

Enter a name for this connnection.  Such as Internet Hotline or IHOT Dial up

Select your Modem, then click Next

Enter the Internet Hotline Dial Up Access Number.

Click Next 

Click Finish

Now conutnue with the following...

Do-it-Yourself (DUN Properties)

You should be looking at the Dial Up Networking window with an Internet Hotline connection icon in it it.  Right-click on the Internet Hotline icon and select Properties.

Internet Hotline connectin Properties window.

Click on teh Networking tab.

Make suer the setting look like the ones below.

Click the TCP/IP Settings... button and enter the required IP addresses

ME Dial UP setting TCP/IP window

Connectiong to the Internet Hotline


Double-click on the Internet Hotline icon and enter User name: your Access Username from your Account Information Password: your Access Password from your Account Information then click Connect

If you are in a area the requires 10 digit dialing follow the directions below, otherwise skip them.

Click on Dial Properties 

Then click on Area Code Rules

Check Always disl the area code (10-digit dialing)