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Getting Started

If you are new to Internet Hotline Web Hosting, we recommend you read our guide to Getting Started. This will guide you through the bare essentials of using your account, such as how to log in to your Control Panel, setup your e-mail accounts and upload your website.

On-line Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

This section includes answers to Frequently Asked Questions (or "FAQ"s) about our web hosting services. We have tried to cover as many as possible of the most common questions that we get asked by both existing and potential customers. The FAQ database is broken down into a number of sub-sections in order to make things easier to find. You may also search the FAQ database by clicking on the Search button, which appears at the top right of all pages in the FAQ section.

Email Support

If you have a problem or query which is not covered within our on-line help pages, please submit your query using our contact page. We do ask that you please check the on-line documentation first. If your query is not fully covered or your problem is still not solved, simply contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Support Policies

Unfortunately, we are not normally able to provide support for the installation, configuration or debugging of any third party scripts or programs you might choose to install. If you are having problems getting such a script to run correctly, we recommend you check both the author's own documentation and our tips on Troubleshooting CGI Scripts. We are also not normally able to assist with the actual coding of your website including the writing and debugging of any HTML, CGI, PHP, WAP, Frontpage Webs, JavaScript or MySQL. In practice, and time permitting, we are generally prepared to take a quick look at any design or coding problem if you should get stuck. We may be able to help if the problem is easily solved but we can make no assurances as such help is beyond the course of normal web hosting support. There are many excellent books and on-line guides available for beginners wishing to learn HTML and the various other languages used in web design. Professional Web Designers are widely available if necessary, but there is no reason why even a complete beginner shouldn't be able to create a quality and professional looking website with a little effort.

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