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Windows 2000 Dial-Up Instructions

Install and configure your modem as detailed in your modem documentations.

Setup up your Dial-up Networking connection.

Open up the Control Panel and double click Network and Dial-up Connections

Double-click on Make New Connection

Click Next

Click the button next to Dial Up to the Internet

Click Next

Click nest to the third line "I want to set up my Internet Connnection manually...

Click Next

Click select  I connect with a Phone Line and Mode

Click Next 

Enter Internet Hotline Access Number.

Click the Advanced Button, and select teh "Address" tab

Under DNS Server Address click Always use the following.

My IPS automatically provides a Domain Name Server (DNS) address

Click OK then Next

Enter your Access Username and Access Password from your account information.

Click Next

Give it the name Internet Hotline or some name to indinifty the connection

Click Next 

Click next to No (this selected will invoke E-Mail setup, not needed at this time)

Then click Next

If you don't want to connect to the internet right away, uncheck the box.

Click Finish and you are done.