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Welcome to the Internet Hotline, IHOT Web Hosting Customer Support Manual where you will find information about all aspects of configuring and running your web hosting account.


INTRODUCTION - An Introduction to your Web Hosting Account

Getting Started - This is the place to start if you just signed up with Internet Hotline, IHOT Web Hosting Account

MANAGING YOUR ACCOUNT - Customising and operating your account


CREATING YOUR SITE - Help with designing and creating your web site

Web site need to created using a program that creates the pages and put the HTML codes in the right places.   

IHOT offer our own Web Site Builder if you want to build your site from beginning.  It like using a word processor and you can create a simple site or a very complex site. 

Below are some examples of programs that your can purchase to create web site.  

Microsoft FrontPage 


How to upload your site to the web using a FTP program or Frontpage

There is more then one way to upload your site from your computer to your web hosting account.  the most common is to FTP your site from your computer to your hosting account.  A number of web design program have built into a "publish your web site" process.  Check the manual for your program and publish it that way. 

Below are a few tips on FTPing. You can use any FTP program and we have listed a few below. 

FTP - A basic guide to FTP including setting up your FTP program, uploading your site and a discussion on file types.

WS-FTP - Set up and operating instructions specific to WS_FTP, probably the most popular of FTP programs\

CuteFTP - Set up and operating instructions specific to CuteFTP, a powerful and user-friendly alternative to WS_FTP.

Microsoft Front Page - A guide to using Microsoft's FrontPage application when uploading (or "publishing") your site to the web.

website design software

One of the easist web design tools.  It has all the features you would ever need to design a web site.