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Here are some screen shots for helping you set up Microsoft Outlook Express for your Internet Hotline account. 

1:Go into Outlook Express and select Tools and Accounts

Then select the Mail Tab

2: Select Add, then Mail

3: Click I already have an e-mail address that I'd like to use
E-Mail address: Put your IHOT E-Mail address

4: The first box on this screen need to be set to POP3.  It is selected from the drop down.  If it is set to any thing other then POP3 your mail account will not work with your E-Mail Client program  

For the Incoming Mail Server use: 

For the Outgoing Mail Server use:

Note: Use this setting only if your are connecting to the internet using IHOT dial up service. If your are using DSL, Cable or someother means of connecting to the internet you need to contact them to get the there outgoing mail server setting. 

5: In the Account Name Box use your account name which is your e-mail address and then your account password in the Password box. 

6: Click on Finish to complete the setup