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Analysis and Log Files

Web/FTP Stats

The Web/FTP Stats option includes a number of sub-options which allow you to view various forms of information and detailed statistics about visitors to your web site and users of anonymous FTP access to your account...


Analog produces various reports on your site visitors including monthly, daily and hourly visitor summaries, referrer information showing how visitors are finding your site, and even a report on the most common keywords being used to find your site through the search engines. It is a fast and convenient way of viewing great lightweight statistics about your visitors. 


Webalizer is a more complex statistics program than Analog and produces a nice variety of detailed graphical charts and graphs about your site visitors. The reports include monthly, daily and hourly breakdowns of site hits, web page views, visitor sessions and amounts of data transfer (or bandwidth usage). Other reports include most frequently accessed files, site entry and exit pages, the hostnames of your visitors, a breakdown of site access by country and detailed referrer information including the sites sending you your visitors and the full search strings being used to find your site through search engines. Webalizer is one of the most popular web statistics programs available today. If your account has an active anonymous FTP section then separate "visitor" statistics will be available for this.


Sub Domain Stats

You can view statistics specifically for each subdomain using the Analog and Webalizer tools. Refer to Analog and Webalizer for more information on how to use these tools.

Error Log

The Error Logs show any errors caused during the operation of your account. See below for a more detailed explanation. 

The Error Logs show any errors caused during the operation of your account. For example, errors might be caused by missing files, broken links or CGI scripts with programming errors or incorrectly set permissions. This feature is particularly useful for debugging CGI scripts. Only the most recent errors are shown here - the output is cleared once a day and a maximum of 300 error messages is displayed.


The Bandwidth option shows how many bytes of data transfer your account has used so far this month. It also gives a monthly breakdown of total transfer for previous months. These figures are only intended as a rough guide and, due to system limitations, may be lower than actual usage.

Latest Vistors 

The Latest Visitors option will show you some detailed information about the most recent visitors to your site

Raw Log Manager

Raw access logs contain all the recorded hit information that your site has received. You can set the Raw Log Manager to archive this information every month and/or delete the previous month's log at the end of every month. The following options are available:

  • Archive Logs in your home directory at the end of each month - Save the raw access logs in a compressed file in your home directory at the end of every month. 
  • Remove the previous month's archived logs from your home directory at the end of each month - Delete last month's archived file at the end of each month. 

To set the Raw Log Manager: 

  1. Click on the Raw Log Manager button on the home page. 
  2. Click on the required tick boxes to set the Raw Log Manager. 
  3. Click on the Save button. 

Downloading archived log files
If you have activated the Raw Log Manager, you can download the compressed log files currently available on your web site.

To download an archived log file: 

  1. Click on the Raw Log Manager button on the home page.
  2. Click on the required log file and save it to your machine.

If you are having problems with using up your allotted disk space, you may not want to save log files for more than one month, or at all 


Raw Access Logs

You can use this option if you would like to download your raw access logs in order to analyse them using your own choice of offline web statistics program, such as Webtrends or the offline version of Analog. The logs are available for download in compressed form and will need to be extracted after download using a utility such as Winzip. Once extracted, the logs will be available in a file named after your master domain name. We recommend renaming the file straight away and giving it a .txt extension, especially if your master domain ends in .com as otherwise there is a danger that Windows will try to execute the file if you should double click it by mistake (Windows uses .com as the extension for executable "command" files). 

The raw logs are cleared automatically by the system on one or more of the last three days of each month and so it is a good idea to download them a couple of days before the end of the month if you want to be sure of getting a chance to analyse the raw logs for that month. Of course, the various graphical statistics will still be available for all previous months. When sites become very busy the raw log files may need to be deleted before the end of the month. Whilst the ability to download your raw logs can be useful for many sites, be aware that for some very busy sites the raw log files can become so huge that downloading them can become inconvenient or even impractical.

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