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Checking E-Mail with Eudora for Windows

Setting Eudora to Check Your Internet Hotline Mail

From the Tools choose Options. That brings up the window where you put in your mail settings.

Click on Getting Started and enter the following from your Account Information: Real name: your name 

Return address: your Email Alias or Email/Reply-To Address from your Account Information Mail Server (Incoming): 

Login Name: your Email Account/POP Username from your account information SMTP Server (Outgoing): mail.ihot,com 

Uncheck "Allow Authentication" 

You're Done! You have set up your Eudora Email program to check your Internet Hotline email. 

If you need to set Eudora to check more than one Internet Hotline Mailbox, that it easily done by creating a new Eudora Personality, for instructions see: Checking an Additional Mailbox with Eudora for Windows.