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For help connecting to our Nationwide Access numbers see our Nationwide Dial-up Setup Information If you are using our national dial up network you must login using you complete user name. This would be, not just username


Basic Troubleshooting Stops

  • Double-check your settings, make sure the user name and password are correct. Check that you have a valid phone number entered. 
  • Try disconnecting (hanging up) and reconnecting (re-dialing) to IHOT. 
  • Unplug and plug-in your telephone connections, and power cables for your modem.  
  • Make sure you have dial tone on the modem.  No dial tone you won't be able to connect. 
  • Restart or reboot your computer. Also it may be usefull to do a complete power cycle of your compute (turn if off and back on) 

IHOT will be making changes to our DIAL UP Network at the end of September 2008.

The big question you would have is, how will this impact you.

This effects you in two way.  

1: The phone number you need to dial into will be changing. 

2: The user name you are using must include the IHOT.COM domain name.


You are currently using a dial up telephone number to connect to our Dial Up Network the end in XXX-1055.   

As of October 1, 2008 the numbers that end in 1055 will no longer be available.

We are switching to a nationwide telephone dial up network.    

IHOT will not be able to supply dial up access anywhere in the United States.  


So what will you have to do to find a new dial up number?  It shouldn’t be very difficult.  Go to the IHOT.COM web site (see link below) and look under the State of California and then find your city.  There you will find a list of available telephone number.  


The web site will show a list of telephone number like below. 
These are valid Telephone number for the City of San Jose.


408-907-9569 - San Jose, CA

408-850-9569 - San Jose, CA

408-907-9615 - San Jose (North), CA

408-889-0155 - San Jose (North), CA

408-580-0155 - San Jose (South), CA

408-850-9615 - San Jose (West), CA

408-538-0155 - San Jose (West), CA


Our lawyer suggest we say the following:

Before you use any dial-up number for Internet access, we recommend that you contact your local telephone service provider to verify if the number in question would be a toll-charge call for you. You can reach your local operator by dialing "0". Let the operator know the telephone number that you are dialing from and the number that you are dialing to. The operator will then verify whether or not the number is a toll-charge call for you. It is the customer's sole responsibility to verify this information. We are not responsible for any charges you may incur. 


Once you have found the telephone number you will be using you just need to change the telephone number in your dial up program.             

If you are unsure of how to do this we have set up a special support page at .  Just click this link or copy and paste it into your browser.  


Suggestion.  Print this page out for your reference.

Don’t any changes until you have all the information you need to proceed.

If in are unsure of making the change, don’t.  Just create a new dial up connector.  Then use that one instead.

Make sure you also you are using the complete login name
(example: not just Bob but

Read our support page on changing your dial up number.

As a last result you can send a email to support and schedule a support conference call to assist you with this change.


What will be changing”

The Dial up number you are using to access the IHOT Dial Up Network.

How you enter your Dial UP User Name.


The current telephone number you have been dialing will need to be changed. Not a major issue for IHOT, but unless you make this change on your computer you use to connect to the internet you will not be able to connect.


The second thing will be the user name you use to connect with the Dial Up Network.  


Our new dial up network requires that you use your complete user name, which is your IHOT.COM email address not just the left hand side of the address.


What will not be changing:

You dial up password

Your Email address

Your Email Password.


Making this change on your computer is not a big dial at all.  It just takes a couple of steps.   There are three step to this process.

We are including instruction with this email on how to make the changes on a Windows XP computer.  See below.


If you have a computer running Microsoft Windows 95, 95, 98, ME, or 2000 or Apple Operating System you will need to go to the IHOT.COM web site and to the support tab.  There you will find a link called Dial Up Change.  There you will find instructions on how to make the changes to your computer dial up setting.


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