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Forwarding E-Mail


I have a pop3 account called and I want the mail also sent to to three other e-mail account? 

Create three forwarders and the mail received at will be forwarded to each of the forwarder you created. If the email address you want to forward exists then a copy of the forwarded message will be keep in that mail account.  Remember to clean out that email box. 

If you don't want to save a copy of each forward message then don't create a email account for the email address and only create forwarder for the address.


How to use e-mail Forwarding and Autoresponders?

E-mail forwarding is the most effective way to recieve email address sent to multiple addresses without creating multiple POP3 e-mail accounts. The most common redirects are,,, etc. You can use your control panel features to create redirect for these or other addresses and send all the mails to addresses delivered to POP3 accounts of your choice. This is an most easy way to send emails to several members of your company which avoids hassle of creating and monitoring multiple accounts in yur email client.

Autoresponders is a method of automatically replying to an email with information. Using autoresponder with a redirect would allow you to capture rmail adress of the person requesting information. You can also use CGI email form in combination with an auto responder and a redirect to capture more detailed information about the requestor. 

E-mail forwarding and autoresponders can be of great help if configured correctly. However, a small mistake in configuration may result in problems affecting all mail delivery associated with your account. Read the manuals before using this features. 

Configuration errors that encounter include:

a.Incorrect “default” redirect
The first entry in e-mail forward list should be “default” followed by the primary account login (e.g., 

b. Incorrect naming
Redirects and autoresponders must not share the same name as a POP3 user or a maillist.


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