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Microsoft Vista Dial Up Connections Setup

To create a new Dial UP Connection on our Microsoft Vista Computer.  There are different versions of Microsoft Vista (Home, Business, Ultimate).  The menu's for each are not exactly the same. They are similar and the pictures we show below are from the Business Version of Microsoft Vista.


To create a new Dial UP Connections start by Clicking the Start symbol in the lower left corner of the computer.


VistaStart Button

 When you click the start button you will see a list like the one below.

Vista Start Buttom Menu

You will then see the Control Panel menu. It will like one of the two examples below. 

Vista Control Panel Home view


Vista Control Panel Classic View

These are just two different view of the same control panel. 

We want to be working with the Classic View. If you are viewing the Classic View Control Panel then you have nothing to do.  If you are viewing the Control Panel Home you need to click on the Classic View Link in the upper left corner (see picture below)

Vista Control Panel View Switch

Now Find and click on the Network and Sharing Center

Control Panel Classic View

Now you will see Network and Sharing Center and you want to click on the "Set up a connection or network" link in the upper left corner of the screen.

Vista Click Setup a Connection or Network

You will now see the screen below.  Make sure you select line and then click Next:

Vista Setup Connections Dial up Selections 

 You should now see a new screen like the one below.  Look at the screen and See all the notes below related to what you need to enter.


 Vista Login Screen Setting

On the above screen you want to put in the following

The telephone number you picked from the list earlier.

Your user name (make sure it includes

Your password.

Check the box "Remember this password"

Under Connection Name Enter something so you can identify this dial up connection.  Like "IHOT Dial UP"

Then there is a button at the bottom called Connect.  Click it.

It will now try to connect to the dial up network. 

If successful you are done. 

If not you will see the following screen.

Vista Dial Connect Success

Don't panic.  Just click on Set up the connection anyway. 

This will allow you to edit the connection. 

Once saved you can copy a shortcut to your desktop.