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Windows 95 Dial-Up Instructions

It's easy to add a Dial-Up Networking icon for Internet Hotline. 

Double-click on My Computer, then Dial-Up Networking.

Double-click on Make New Connection and enter Internet Hotline as the name. Click Next. 

Internet Hotline Access Number . Click on Finish. 

Now RIGHT-click on the Internet Hotline icon and select Properties. 

Click on Server Type. Uncheck Log on to network and make sure ONLY TCP/IP is checked under Allowed network protocols.

Click on TCP/IP Settings and check that both the Server assigned IP addresses and Server assigned name server addresses are checked. click OK until you are back to the Dial-Up Networking folder. 

Now you are ready to connect to Internet Hotline. 

You'll have to reconfigure your various applications to reflect Internet Hotline's servers instead of your old ISP's servers. 

Go into the Options > Preferences > Setup of each application and replace "Old ISP" with Internet Hotline.