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The most common questions are listed below.

I have just discovered that in the last week I know of at least two emails that have not reached me

  • This seem to a common question.  First lets talk a little about the question it self.  This is such a generic question it is very hard to answer.  It's like asking your letter carrier the a letter you were expecting didn't arrive.  What can the letter carrier do about it. There isn't something that person can track or even investagate.   Just like any question, the information needed to even start a investagaion is in all the details.  So always provide as much details as you can. 
  • So what is the most common answer to this question.  
  • First start by lookin in your junk folder in your Email Client (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc)  it may have been filter into this folder. This also applied with and web based email reader as well.
  • Second, If you have a Spam Filtering service, check there. It may have been captured and put into the quartanine for that service.
  • Third, check with the sender and have them resend it. 
  • Forth, Did the sender get a email back that the message couldn't be delivered with a NDR (non delivery report).  Inside that NDR is the reason the email wasn't delivered.
  • With web hostng and cPanel, there is a place that filters can and could have been created.  These are created by the Domain owner.  If you have created filters, check them.


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